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To help develop a knowledge of putting together a bulletin board that helps to inform and edify the church.



Open for all ages! Participants will change four to seven bulletin boards throughout the year.

Participants will pick from the 48-50 different bulletin boards, throughout the building, to create and decorate a theme.  The boards should be used to benefit the church or individual classrooms and promote activities or themes that are going on relative to the boards location.  Main lobby boards should be used to benefit the entire congregation while classroom boards may be more specific to the class that meets there.


Diane Paul, email, phone number – Lobby and Halls

Cynthia Feenstra, email, phone number – Downstairs

Matt Jones, email, phone number – Class Rooms

What is Needed?

A willingness to work and study various ideas for bulletin board designs.

Supplies for board design will be provided by the church.