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Allow students to develop technical skills and creativity coinciding with Biblical themes



Ages 3 and up.. Each participant will learn how to effectively powerpoint in the church.    

  • Participants will create visual presentations (20 slides) designed to be used as visual aids that accompany biblical lessons.
    • Possible idea is to incorporate in the One Word series on Sunday night.
  • Kids are not required to present lessons, only create presentations that are used by a teacher, preacher or themselves.
  • Presentations can be displayed on TV’s throughout the building.


Justin and Julia Battles, battles0617@yahoo.com, 615.517.4847

Joey and Hannah Wilson, joeltaylorwilson@gmail.com, 615.887.8137

Brandon and Ashley Brooks, brabbroo@live.com, 615.714.1992

What is Needed?

An approved translation of the Bible: King James, The New King James, The American Standard, The New American Standard, The English Standard

Tracking Sheet – Provided by any of the Primary Contacts